Zazu Pam Nightlight & Sleep Trainer w/speaker

Zazu Pam  Nightlight & Sleep Trainer w/speaker
Category: Sleep Aids

by Interactive Childrens Products

Pam is a Nighlight that also teaches kids when to get out of bed in the morning by turning green. PAM helps kids fall asleep with multiple color night light options and wireless speakers for music or bed time stories

2017 Top Choice of the Year (Baby Maternity Awards Program)
Sound Machine Soother

4 Review Event Comments.

The fact that it serves as a night light and a music box is awesome! My kid would fall asleep to this in a heart beat!
This product can be used with multiple age groups. The songs are peaceful and great for kids going to sleep. The colors are soothing as well.
The design is cute and it has easy instructions on the packaging.
Great product - lots of options for babies sleep
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