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by Sienabena, LLC

BabyBackups are the ultimate solution to prevent messy diaper blowouts. These disposable, wedge-shaped diaper extender pads are hypoallergenic and super-absorbent. They fit securely between the waistband of a diaper and a baby's back, containing the dreaded blowout by keeping the mess right in the baby's diaper. They come in one size and are meant to be used for infants in diapers size 0 through 4. BabyBackups can be securely attached to any brand of diaper by simply removing the protective backing and pressing the product, adhesive side first, securely to the diaper. BabyBackups even include a blue alignment line to help ensure they are placed quickly and effectively each and every time.

2016 Top Choice of the Year (Baby Maternity Awards Program)
Diaper Extender Pads

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Love this and needed it to make diapers work 100% of the time for all infants.
Great idea!