TwinGo Carrier

TwinGo Carrier
Category: Baby Carriers

by TwinGo LLC

TwinGo Carrier—the most versatile baby carrier for parents of two—is the first ergonomic twin carrier for 1 adult to carry 2 babies and splits into 2 single carriers for 2 adults to carry 1 child each front or back (pat pen)

2015 Top Choice of the Year (Baby Maternity Awards Program)
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Distributes the weight well and makes it comfortable to carry two babies at one time!
A great idea for twins or people with 2 children. I'd use it for sure!! Looks sturdy and comfortable.
I love the blue color and is confortable. It is very compact and folds into it self for easy storage AB
I don't have twins but I can see the quality in this product. Would work for a parent that has two children really close in age. I love the built in back pack and that tye double carrier can also be separated into two single carriers. CLee