Award-Winning Mom Approved Growth Chart (Fits in standard Doorframe)

Award-Winning Mom Approved Growth Chart (Fits in standard Doorframe)
Category: Room Decor

by Mom Approved, Inc.

Parents have long marked their children's growth progress on doorframes, a meaningful but often messy ritual that creates something of an eyesore whose sentimental value is lost when it is painted over after the kids are grown. The Patented Mom Approved PeekaBOO Growth Chart is an attractive, brilliantly simple solution that lets Mom and Dad have their treasured-moment-cake and eat it, too. This attractive peel & stick vinyl growth chart (1.25 inches wide by 72 inches tall) fits in any standard doorframe and is available in a variety of appealing colors and playful designs. When the growing is done, parents easily remove the growth chart (and the numerous markings it bears, such as names, dates, ages, and measurements) and store it away as a treasured keepsake.

2016 Product of the Year
Growth Charts

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I am VERY interested in purchasing it!! I'm a grandma and think it would be a great gift as well as fun to buy.
Love the added accessories to personalize it for us