GABRIALLA Style H-340 Maternity Support Sheer Pantyhose

GABRIALLA Style H-340 Maternity Support Sheer Pantyhose
Category: Maternity Support


Gabrialla Graduated Compression Maternity Pantyhose are specifically designed for fashion-conscious women, who experience painful & swollen legs. Helps improves blood circulation, alleviate pain & prevent varicose veins.

2017 Top Choice of the Year (Baby Maternity Awards Program)
Leg Support

5 Review Event Comments.

Compression tights are a must for mommys dealing with water retention! Soft flexible material -JC
Must have for professional mommies and those who suffer from vericose veins! VH
Great for support and quality.
Appealing package with picture showing product and how to wear it.
Business women on the go, genius for mothers needing the extra belly support while pregnant.
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