AROMABABY Stretched to the Limit Organic Oil

AROMABABY Stretched to the Limit Organic Oil
Category: Maternity Aids

by AROMABABY Natural Skincare

This organic face and body oil is perfect for use during pregnancy and afterwards. Formulated with organic calendula and pure essential oils to help moisturize and condition whilst minimizing the appearance of stretchmarks.

2017 Seal of Excellence
Maternity Skin Care

4 Review Event Comments.

Like any oil, it is a little greasy but it is easy to rub in and once it dries there is no residue, just moisturized smooth skin.
This oil seems like it would be great for preventing stretch marks. It keeps the skin hydrated and reduces itching. It has a nice light smell.
The product itself is cute and catches my eye, the whole set is a perfect detox, relaxation, bubble bath kind of set. Thats what every pregnant woman needs, i love it.
I love a multi use location and oil product. It smells nice and seems to really hydrate the skin.
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