Bugaboo Bee5

Bugaboo Bee5
Category: Strollers, Joggers & Accessories

by Bugaboo

With improved suspension and an all-new padded seat, the Bugaboo Bee5 has achieved a new level of comfort . The Bugaboo Bee5 also features new integrated attachment points for accessories, eliminating the use for adaptors.


2017 Top Choice of the Year (Baby Maternity Awards Program)

3 Review Event Comments.

The stroller seems nice and easy to use. The seat doesn't seem to have a whole lot of padding for the baby but it is light weight. The color is pretty and the fabric on the umbrella is smooth. I think the stroller is very smooth when you walk with it as well. The process in putting it together was easy once i figured it out! No screws or bolts or anything, sweet!
The look of the stroller is very sleek! The color is vibrant and the material feels very sturdy. The function of the stroller is easy and can be used for a lot of things.
The fabric seems like very good quality. The color is pretty. The easy fold was nice once i figured it out as well as the break. All in all it't a very nice stroller.