SNUGBAGS Merino Sleeping Bag

SNUGBAGS Merino Sleeping Bag
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by SNUGBAGS - Merino for Kids

Ethically made in New Zealand, 100% natural and made from the finest New Zealand merino and organic cotton our international award winning sleep-sacks are designed to keep little ones warm, safe and snug all night long.

2017 Preferred Choice
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4 Review Event Comments.

I love the accessible arms. The fabric is soft and the pattern is cute. The space for legs is nice to for a baby that stretches a lot.
The quality of this is fabulous , it is soft but durable! The pattern and fabric is absolutely adorable too!
Packaging is sturdy and well made. It's not colorful though.
Great design and fabric is nicely weighted. I love the fabric choice of clouds and the organic packaging and colors
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by SNUGBAGS - Merino for Kids