The Newbies Guide to Positive Parenting 2nd Edition

The Newbies Guide to Positive Parenting 2nd Edition
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by Rebecca Eanes at Positive Parenting: Toddlers and Beyond

Filled with practical examples, personal stories, and nuggets of hard-earned wisdom, The Newbie's Guide to Positive Parenting has everything you need to change your parenting paradigm and enrich your family life.

2015 Top Choice of the Year (Baby Maternity Awards Program)
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This book really brings a lot of clarity and peace on how I will parent my kids. - J.M.
This book is just awesome. It taught me how to deal with my tot's emotions/behaviors in the right way. It's just what I needed to know! - L.S.
This is great! Good read! My 3nager is driving me batty, this will help us both stay calm! - A.J.
Love this. Clear, concise, helpful, relatable. Love it all. - E.B.
Wow! This is enormously helpful! There is something in here for everyone looking to understand and help their children to move through their tantrums. - B.M.
This is a "Must Read" for every parent. - M.R.
I need to implement these things in my home. - K.T.