New Tubby Table

New Tubby Table
Category: Bathtime Aids for Babies, Toddlers & You

by Tubby Table Toys, Inc.

The award-winning Tubby Table is the 1st and only bathtub activity table for toddlers. It gives kids a play surface in the middle of the tub so water and toys stay in the tub instead of all over the floor. There are three play areas on the table: 1. A new water wheel attaches on the same section in which children can also build using their preschool building blocks 2. Four numbered, colored and shaped cups are smaller for those toddler fingers to grasp and then fill and pour water 3. The middle section is now a free play area OR parents can purchase one of the three Tubby Buddy's activity mats with toys that fit into this section. The New Tubby Table has an adjustable leg to raise the table top up or down depending on the height of the child. The suction cup is super strong to holds the table firmly in place, and it folds for easy storage. " Bye, bye baby bath tub, Hello Tubby Table!. ... Simple and completely genius."

2016 Top Choice of the Year (Baby Maternity Awards Program)
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