MAM Double-Sided Anti-Colic Bottle

MAM Double-Sided Anti-Colic Bottle
Category: Feeding Aids

by MAM Baby

Designed to prevent colic, gas and burps, MAM Double Sided Anti-Colic Bottles feature adorable themed graphics on one side and a large, graduated scale on the other. Ideal for newborns, this innovative bottle makes the transition between breast and bottle feeding easy.

2017 Preferred Choice
Anti-Colic Baby Bottles

3 Review Event Comments.

This is a simple bottle, not too many pieces. The bottle sanitizes itself, which is amazing - no sanitizing devices needed. The base is vented, great bottle for gassy babies.
Looks and feels like a quality bottle. Great for babies who have colic. Love the leak-proof cap. Seem easy to clean.
Nice graphics on the bottle. The nipples have a skin texture and a flat shape, i can imagine it makes for easy breast to bottle switching.