Mother Nurture Truffles and Waters

Mother Nurture Truffles and Waters
Category: Nutrition

by Mother Nurture

Hydrate yourself with refreshing flavored waters or treat yourself to delicious chocolate truffles. Both contain some of the essential nutrients that you and your baby need. All natural. Nothing artificial.

2017 Top Choice of the Year (Baby Maternity Awards Program)

6 Review Event Comments.

The chocolate was suprisingly delicious. Would eat more than my fair share
These truffles are amazing and the water is good as well
The truffles and water are delicious and I like feeling like I can indulge while still being healthy for my baby
I deck is surprisingly delicious! I would definitely drink the drink and eat the chocolate probably more than I needed! Would be a great baby shower basket gift!
The chocolate is delicious. The water has a great flavor and feels refreshing.