Pilo - Ergonomic Headrest for Baby

Pilo - Ergonomic Headrest for Baby
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by bbluv Group inc.

Its designed to relieve the pressure on the back of babys head, helping keep it nice and round. Can be used from birth right to babys first flip to tummy. It is soft and lightweight and is washer safe. Ages 0+


2017 Seal of Excellence (Baby Maternity Awards Program)
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Has multiple uses and help keep baby comfortable! Love the way it can be easily packed for travel. I would use this due to the fact baby's heads are so soft, more protection the better!
Seems like it would be comfortable for a baby. Nice padding and soft material.
This pillow is soft and comfy. I would use this if I were changing my babies diaper on a hard surface while out and about. Also for new born babies this would be perfect for their head secure while playing or resting.
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by bbluv Group inc.