Little bamBAM

Little bamBAM
Category: Pacifiers & Teethers

by Bambeado

Little bamBAM is the perfect teething toy. It is safe, tough and it really does relieve the pressure on aching gums. Because it is single molded there are no cracks for bacteria to grow. The many textures also help stimulate bubs.

2017 Seal of Excellence (Baby Maternity Awards Program)
Baby Teethers

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Easy to clean. No worries of mold growing inside this teether. The different textures are perfect for teething baby's, and none of the giraffes parts are too long for a baby to choke or gag. The bright colors are lovely.
My baby is able to grip this teether easily, and doesn't drop it. Its very durable (even after all of the gnawing). Little Bam Bam definitely soothes the gums, and the grooves and bumps in the design are great for rubbing the gums.
Love that you can put this teether in the freezer and it actually stays cold! The giraffe is really cute and is eye catching for baby's to want to play with. The ears, horns, arms and legs are perfect for chewing.
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