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by WaterWipes

Sensitive Baby Wipes WaterWipes are a fresh product that contains 99.9% Water and a drop of fruit extract.


2018 Top Choice of the Year
Baby Wipes

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I love that idea of chemical free. When we need to wipe baby's sensitive skin.
Very soft and cozy. Love the pattern design. Very girly. And it's washable
I love that this product doesn't smell like anything but water. You can tell there are no harsh chemicals in them and great for babies skin. I can use them on my babies face without a breakout too!
I love waterwipes! I love that they are safe to use on face and hands too. I use them on my 6 mo old constantly. I enjoy how natural they are, I don't worry that I am putting chemicals on baby.
The wipes seem very durable and like they won't fall apart during use.