Milk Boss Infant Feeding Support

Milk Boss Infant Feeding Support
Category: Feeding Aids

by Itzy Ritzy

Infant support pillow that works for breastfeeding and bottle feeding. Supports caretaker's arm and rolling shape finds the perfect position to feed baby, which reduces reflux & gas. Stretchy to fit any arm. Compact/portable

2018 Top Choice of the Year
Feeding Pillows

4 Review Event Comments.

Wonderful quality and a beautiful design.
I love the rolling shape. It really helps make the right position for feeding.
Great addition to breastfeeding a newborn. Very comfortable for both me and my baby.
These definitely fills a need. My kiddo hated having the boppy or a pillow under his neck when he nursed but was always ok with this, saving my wrist so pain from having to lift him especially as he grew.