Babybellyband Maternity and Hernia Support Kit

Babybellyband Maternity and Hernia Support Kit
Category: Maternity Support

by Babybellyband by CABEA Orthopedic Designs

Babybellyband Maternity Support Kit: Abdominal belt, Compression Therapy Groin Bands,Shoulder Straps,Ice Pack relieve abdominal, back, hip, pelvic floor pain from vulvar varicosities,hernia pressure and more. Proven results!

2018 Top Choice of the Year
Maternity Support Kit

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I love this Maternity Support Kit. It's a great product loaded with features that I will likely use later in my pregnancy.
This is a great product, I love that it has so many different add on features to adjust to what you need during pregnancy. It is easy to wash.
This is great. I only wish use were around when I had my babies.