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by My"Buddy"Towel

With 6 kids laundry is never ending! My daughter always insisted on using not 1, not 2, but 3 towels every time she got out of the bath! (1 for her hair, 1 around her shoulders, and 1 tied around her waist for her legs!) We tried robes, but the material left her feeling soggy and her legs were left exposed so she would still have a fit that she's so cold! And have you ever seen a child's face while being dried off?? It looks like torture! One evening I was dreading bath time, tired of meltdowns, and frustrated with washing so many towels---- I had a light bulb moment!!! This child of mine--needs a towel with full body coverage, she can slip into right after a bath! So, I reinvented the bath towel! The tortures over kids! I created the patent pending, My "Buddy" Towel! It's super absorbent with 100% cotton on both sides . I currently have Green Frog designs- Available in sizes-12-18month, 2T, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8, and 10/12. My kids have fun dressing up, while they relax and dry off after a bath!!! I am excited to help families everywhere limit the towel laundry by using one towel at a time!

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This towel "cover up" is so nice for a long day after the beach or swimming . Your child will feel warm and cozy all zipped up in their cute frog buddy towel.
Makes bathtime a fun time! Kids love non traditional towels! And this one has feet no less! How awesome.