ChangePal: On-The-Go Diaper Changing Bag

ChangePal: On-The-Go Diaper Changing Bag
Category: Diapers & Diaper Bags

by Baby Convenience LLC

ChangePal is a portable diaper and wipes organizer. This patented organizer holds baby wipes, diapers, ointment and changing pad together in a way that provides quick and easy access to diapering items during baby change.

2018 Top Choice of the Year
Changing Bags

4 Review Event Comments.

I love the design and it holds everything for diaper changes.
This is a great product for organizing your baby changing products.
Great concept for a quick on the go chnage just as the package says! Small and compact with great room for diaper, wipes and butt cream
Great for short trips with baby/toddler or just in general.