zooby Wifi Car and Home Monitor

zooby Wifi Car and Home Monitor
Category: Baby Monitors & Sensors

by Infanttech Solutions

Versatile and cute, the Car and Home Baby Monitor from Zooby by InfantTech is great for keeping an eye on an infant in the car while you're driving. This wireless camera comes with night vision capabilities.


2018 Top Choice of the Year
Wifi Baby Monitor

4 Review Event Comments.

This definitely puts mom as ease while driving. It also has day and night vision.
I think Its good so can watch baby while driving or at home cleaning you can just look on your tablet or device
A camera to view baby while driving AMAZING! It can connect to multiple devices as well.
Since I am a behavioral l therapist, i can see how this product can help parents while in session with child. The camera won't distract child.