Sunblocz Baby+Kids sunscreen

Sunblocz Baby+Kids sunscreen
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by Olen Skin Care Corporation

Sunblocz Baby+Kids, 50+SPF, is a 100% all-natural, mineral sunscreen that offers superior sunburn protection. Recommended by Dermatologists and Pediatricians to be safe for baby and children's sensitive skin.

2019 Top Choice of the Year
Baby Skin Care

4 Review Event Comments.

As a mother of a child with extreme allergies to sunblock this seems like a wonderful option it was easy to rub in and not leave a white residue on the skin. Love what the product represents and that it is water resistant.
As a mother with a child with severe skin allergies including sunscreens this looks like a major plus. The sunscreen rubs in with minimal white residue. The product represents a strong partnership with the ocean which is also a benefit.
Love that it is all natural and 50 SPF, always need a tube in the diaper bag!
I love the clean ingredients and strong coverage. Smells good and goes on smooth
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