Taming Matte Cream

Taming Matte Cream
Category: Baby Care Products

by T is for Tame

Say good-bye to bed head! T is for Tame's Taming Matte Cream is made for controlling unruly baby and toddler tresses. Made with natural ingredients like coconut oil and no nasties. Leaves hair silky soft and selfie-ready.


2019 Product of the Year
Baby Care Products

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This product definitely fills a need for a natural hair product for delicate hair.
Great that it does not contain harsh ingredients, is paragon and phthalate-free and silicone free.
I love that this product has no harsh ingredients for the little ones and helps with fine hair.
nice to have a product that is safe for toddlers and babies. cute packaging too
I like that there are no harsh ingredients since this is for kids.