BoobieBAR, Herbal Breastfeeding Bar

BoobieBAR, Herbal Breastfeeding Bar
Category: Nutrition

by Boobie Bar

Our best-selling Boobie Bar is made with lactogenic oats, decadent chocolate chips and our proprietary Boobie Blend ingredients and spices to help support your milk supply.

2019 Preferred Choice
Maternity Lactation Food Products

3 Review Event Comments.

This product is very delicious and has beautiful packaging. I love the fact that it is created by a lactation consultant.
Great tasting bars. The packaging is nice and clean. Would love to see it in different flavors.
Mama needs more milk! This is great convent thing that moms can eat on the go and still have enough milk for their baby. It is very sweet which is good because it is a treat.
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