Buggie Huggie Shopping Cart Tray

Buggie Huggie Shopping Cart Tray
Category: Travel Products

by Gifted Arrows LLC DBA Buggie Huggie

The Buggie Huggie is like a high chair tray for your shopping cart that helps secure & entertain your toddler while you shop in peace. You can even secure your phone with the Buggie Huggie phone holder accessory!


2021 Top Choice of the Year
Travel Shopping Aids

5 Review Event Comments.

It is very well designed and made with excellent quality. I highly recommend this product for anyone with a baby or toddler. It is a life-saver.
Wow! I love this! It makes shopping with your child so much easier. It is such a convenience.
Having the mobile device attachment is a really great idea. It really helps in keeping your child busy while you shop.
The quality is excellent and it is very easy to attach to any shopping cart.
This product is simply brilliant! It will really keep your little one entertained when doing your shopping.