Leika Bunny Lovey

Leika Bunny Lovey
Category: Baby Lovey

by Mary Meyer

Stylish simplicity based on Scandinavian aesthetic. Super soft velour fabric. Familiar forest characters. Unstuffed body is soft and huggable. Knotted feet provide tactile stimulation and added interest.


2021 Top Choice of the Year
Baby Lovey

3 Review Event Comments.

The material is soft and cuddly. This is the type of lovey a child keeps for a long time for comfort.
This baby toy is so sweet. The design is simple but perfect, really like the belly porting where the texture is different.
The velour material is soft, my baby would love this toy at nap time to cuddle with. The simple features like the knotted feet and crossed arms make this absolutely adorable.
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by Mary Meyer