comfiGO - Kid Friendly Car Booster Seat

comfiGO - Kid Friendly Car Booster Seat
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by ClypX

comfiGO is an extremely comfortable and convenient car booster seat that will work in any car with a lap and shoulder seat belt system. It is THE foremost booster seat solution for both kids and parents.

2022 Top Choice of the Year
Booster Seat

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This is an amazing product. I have a six year old that uses a booster seat, it would be amazing to use this booster seat to be able to add more room to my car.
What a great product! This is perfect for that kid that still needs a booster, but doesn't need a big. bulky car seat! It is light and portable, which is great for trips across the country/to another country. It attaches to the latch system and the seat belt, making it adjustable to the kids height.
This is such a great product! My son will soon be needing a booster seat, and I love how useful and portable it is. Being able to use it while we travel or when grandparents are here is very helpful. Its emphasis on safety also makes me feel at ease and happy to find a booster seat that will fit our family.