DetraPel Baby Gear & Fabric Protector

DetraPel Baby Gear & Fabric Protector
Category: Parenting Aids

by DetraPel, Inc

Babies are adorable. But lets face it, they also spill stuff and make huge messes. Messes, that sleep-deprived parents spend hours cleaning up. Meet DetraPel, the only safe liquid and stain repellent for baby fabrics!

2022 Top Choice of the Year
Baby Stain Repellent

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Where was this product when my children were little. This is a great idea and I love the fact that it's non-toxic. This is perfect for carseats and strollers.
Finally a product that can be used with children! Helps keeps things clean while being safe!
This product is great to protect your baby gear while being safe for the baby!! Babies and toddlers make a lot of messes and this product helps protect the longevity of your baby gear!