Mess-proof Apron Bib

Mess-proof Apron Bib
Category: Bibs

by Tiny Twinkle

Tiny Twinkle's Mess-proof Apron Bibs are made from a soft, waterproof fabric that is amazingly lightweight yet incredibly strong and durable. Available in size Small (6-24 months) and Large (2-4 years)

2023 Preferred Choice
Baby Bibs

4 Review Event Comments.

I really like the design of this bib. It works so well in catching spills. Great product.
I love that it is so easy to clean and that it is lightweight. It's great for any baby or toddler.
What a great bib! This is perfect for a toddler to wear over their shirt to protect it. The bib is made from durable fabric and is easy to wipe clean. The lip at the bottom is great to catch falling food.
Very cute and durable bib! I love the pattern and that it's waterproof. The pocket at the bottom is great to catch any food that falls. Very easy to clean after use.
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