ilody 100% Cotton Swaddles for Newborn

ilody 100% Cotton Swaddles for Newborn
Category: Slings Swaddles & Wraps

by ilody

1) 100% cotton 2) Ergonomically design allows newborn to sleep fast 3) Mimics womb, creating safe and cozy sleeping environment 4) Cocoons baby's arms and keeps hands away from faces 5) Maintains back sleeping position

2020 Preferred Choice
Baby Swaddles

3 Review Event Comments.

This swaddle is definitely cozy and soft. I tried it with my baby and he was calm and comfortable.
I really like how it sets your baby in a cocoon-type position which helps keep their hands away from their face. When I tried it out with my baby girl it really worked well and she seemed very comfortable.
The quality is really great. It is very well made. I love it.
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