ilody Quick-dry Waterproof Sleeved Bibs

ilody Quick-dry Waterproof Sleeved Bibs
Category: Bibs

by ilody

1) Front PU-treated Polyester, 100% free from PVC and Phtalate; sleeves 100% cotton 2) Rinse or wipe it clean after each use and it dries up in minutes 3) Flexible front pocket catches all spills 4) Pattern: Deer in Starry Night

2020 Product of the Year
Sleeved Bibs

3 Review Event Comments.

The Deer in Starry Night pattern is super cute! It is a very well made product.
It is easy to clean since it is waterproof and I really love the front pocket that catches the spills. I don't think I would use any other kind of bib. This is amazing!
I love this sleeved bib. The sleeve feature really helps when the baby is using it. Great concept!
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